Sex is a good thing and can be very satisfying if properly practiced. However, once in a while, it becomes boring and tiresome and especially if the partners are not creative enough. This is especially common with married couples or people who have been in a relationship for a long time.

For that reason, it is advisable for both parties to always be on the lookout to come up with great ideas to help keep their beds hot all the time. Some people go for a threesome, others choose to watch porn videos and so on. However, for a few people and especially the young generation who wants to explore the world of sex, they choose to go for group sex.

Although group sex is fun and satisfying, it also has its own disadvantages. Below are some of the most common risks of engaging in group sex.

It exposes you to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

According to Andriya an independent Chennai escort, many people who engage themselves in group sex have a tendency of having unprotected sex. For that reason, they are more exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV than any other person.

Depending on the club one is dealing with, there are rules for many people engaging in group sex. One of the rules is not using protection to make it easier for the others to caress the whole of you. Although many claims to be healthy, it would be very hard to tell if a person is HIV positive or not. Therefore, many people get into these clubs without a clear understanding of the kind of risk they are getting themselves into.

You might get hurt in the process

The highest percentage of people who engage themselves in group sex deal with people they have never met before. The fact that group sex is considered a taboo in many communities make it very difficult for friends to come together to form a sex club. On the other hand, the people practicing the act are too ashamed and therefore, want to forget it immediately. This is also the main reason behind popularity of female escorts in Chennai.

In the process of having fun, someone might decide to force you to engage in types of sex that you’ve never thought of before. The most common occurrence is people forced to practice anal sex against their will. This is usually common if you are the only new member in the group.


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Beauty and appeal may be the initial attraction for a client, advertising yourself competently as an escort brings clients closer to you. But then keeping them and maintaining a continued relationship is a different case altogether.

Sustaining or retaining the clients is of utmost importance to keep your business going according to Carey, a female escort in Chennai, an escort must always be essentially beautiful although it’s not enough in this field.  An escort needs the right personality to comprehend and understand their client. To retain clients you need to establish better connections with them. Here are some pointers.

Why would a client hire an escort?

 There are several underlying factors as to why a client would hire the services of an escort especially men. The reasons vary from unsatisfied conjugal life, stress, extremely loneliness, and looking for some emotional support and meaningful companionship. Keeping this in mind, says Moesha, an independent escort in Chennai, will go a long way in fulfilling your clients both physically and emotionally.


Emotions are the basis of every client connection, although too much attachment is bad for you as an escort. Knowing the reasons behind client hiring an escort will make the relationship better. The perception is usually one dimensional concluded by thinking that a client is looking for sex but that is not entirely true according to Jane, a female Chennai escort. Learn to connect to the client emotionally-not fall in love-but be present in more ways than just physically.

Know your limits and strengths

Be a Client Oriented escort and make the client’s satisfaction a primary concern. Have in mind that only by understanding the lengths you can go, will you shape things according to the client’s will and choice. Every step taken should be to fulfill the client’s needs and desire.


Indulge deeper into their fantasy and fetishes and know the reasons behind his need for an intimate and comfortable adult companionship. This will certainly aid you to serve and connect better, bring out the “you care feeling” says Britney a female escort in Mumbai Escorts, which is very essential.

 First time impressions

Being transparent on the first date helps in establishing a better connection with your clients, Professional conduct and being courteous is very important. For an escort to offer better services, says Phoebe, an escort in Chennai, the connections with clients should be physically and emotionally healthy.


Men like professional attitude in women, is often regarded as high quality which shows just how dedicated and serious you are about your work. Professionalism in escort business is hard due to the misconceptions. But treating the clients meeting in professional manner especially with the high end clients with see you grow and maintain better connections.

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No matter which career path you have decided to take, nothing will keep you there other than your love for your job. You should never wait to be encouraged or driven by others. Whether you are working as an independent escort or working under an agency. Let self motivation be a part and parcel of your life.

When it comes to the escort industry, there are different and very discouraging challenges you face in your daily activities. If you are not self driven from within, the possibility of you giving up within your first week of joining the industry is very easy.

There are different things that have made me going in this industry of escorts as an independent escort. Below I’ll give a few examples.

  1. Love for my job

People join the escort industry for different reasons. However, my main reason for becoming part of Chennai independent escorts was the love I have for this job. I am an adventurous girl who love trying new things every now and then and especially when it comes to the world of romance. Being a part of independent escorts in Chennai was the greatest way of meeting my dreams.

It doesn’t matter how much I make in a day, what matters most is how much I had at the end of the day. My positive attitude and great and natural love for human life has brought me into contact with very great and influential people.


  1. My passion for life

I have to realize that we only have one life to live. Once your time on earth is over, you will never be able to take it back. Therefore, the wisest thing to do is live your life like you are going to die the next meeting.

I have one philosophy in life, no matter how things seems to be, I will always be able to overcome them if I am positive minded and have a passion for life. I have many permanent clients who just wish to spend time to discuss life and enjoy it as much as we can.

Nothing is more challenging than spending a day or two with a stranger and worse still having ex with them unless you have inner personal strength that will be flowing and change your perspective about the whole situation. A positive attitude creates a friendly environment that helps you bond and enjoy your time together.

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Nothing is more important in life than one’s family. Your wife and kids should always take the first priority in everything you do. Never give your work or business more time than you give your family because when all is lost, these are the people who will stand with you.

Once in a while it is always wise to take some time out with your family. Spend some cash and take them on a tour to a neighboring town or city or if possible visit a foreign country and have an adventure as a family.

Chennai would make a perfect destination for that purpose. Chennai is among the most developed cities not only in India but in the world as well. It has the most beautiful and interesting sites to visit and have fun with your wife and children. Starting from the second largest beach in the world, the biggest library in South Asia, Detroit of India, the source of South Indian Cinema, cultural capital of India and many more.

There are various beaches in Chennai that have proved to be the best for visiting with your children. one of the most famous 0one being the VGP Golden Beach.

  1. VGP Golden Beach

There are different public as well as private beaches in Chennai. For the safety of your children, it is always advisable to go for private beaches other than the public ones. VGP Golden beach is a private beach that is managed by VGP Universal Kingdom amusement park. It is one of the prettiest beaches in Chennai.


This beach has been preferred by many for movie shooting because of its stunning beauty. VGP Golden Beach is also safe to go swimming with your kids because there are guides watching you. this beach is also among the cleanest beaches in Chennai.

It is located at Injambakkam, Chennai. It has a private of the Marina that is beautiful and clean. It is usually open from 11am to 7:30 pm and there is a small entry fee paid by both children and adults. It has amenities like parking, food stall, restroom and many more.

If you are in search of a comfortable and an economical way o0f spending your entire holiday with  your children and family as a whole, consider spending some time at the VGP Golden Beach will be ideal for you.

There are various lids games played in VGP Golden Beach including swimming and boat riding.

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Catering to the educated, modern youth: Escorts in Chennai


The Indian society has always been such that there is a certain divide in it. This divide may be on the base of caste, creed or religion. It can also be on the basis of education. In the recent years this has taken the role of class and that is what has ensured that society remains divided.

Now it is undeniable that we cannot change what already exists; at least not totally. So the best anyone can do is try to fit into it as best as they can. That is why the range of services that the escorts in Chennai bring to the elite in the city is indeed noteworthy. These services have very easily made their way to the ‘most favorite’ list of many and continue to scale the charts even today.

Role of English

A byproduct of the colonial era, it may be well said that the obsession of Indians with English is only growing through the years. For us, anyone who speaks English is considered to be superior over someone who does not. The obsession goes to ecstatic levels when people do not want to interact with someone who isn’t well versed in the language. That is why it is ensured that the escorts in Chennai are all fluent in English. After all since the service caters to the elite, and since it is the client who is paying for the service, he must not be made to come out of his comfort zone.


Etiquettes and manners

  • For the elite population merely speaking decent English is not enough. They deserve and demand more. There are certain manners that they follow and that they expect the people around to also follow. This includes table manners and social etiquettes. It is ensured that all the escorts in Chennai are well trained in the same and all social rules are adhered to.
  • Many a time’s people seek an escort as a company to be taken to in a social gathering. This is particularly true in case of the well educated youth clientele. To cater to this, each of the escorts in Chennai undergoes an extensive training program so that they are able to satisfy the client.
  • Many of the escorts in Chennai are well educated themselves. This makes them a suitable company for people who seek something more than mere satisfaction of sexual instincts. It gives them someone to talk to and someone to hang out with.

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Most Demanded Chennai Escorts


Chennai is about a 15 minutes distance to Marina Beach. While traveling from Marina Beach to Chennai it is about 13 km or 8.1 miles distance. Chennai is also at the peak for providing the escort services in Chennai. Chennai escorts are exceptional as these escorts are the highest demand in Chennai .Because the Chennai Escorts is outstanding in providing the escort services to the guys and fulfilling their erotic desires.

Intuitions of Escorted  Girls

  • The escort girls are extremely beautiful and hottest enough with their stunning looks.
  • Their burning desire to satisfy the companion is exceptional that make the visitors addicted in no time.


Association of Chennai escorts

  • These females are all well educated and very hygienic.
  • These are having lovely behavior and are very co-operative.
  • Chennai escort are available on very reasonable charges.
  • These escorts mostly include the college girls, models, housewives, the air hostess, the Foreigners, the Rampe models, and Russians.

  • If you really want to spend your time differently, you can experience the Chennai escorts in Chennai. You can find individual escort services as well as agency escort services in Chennai.



Chennai Services for new talent.

  • Chennai is not just associated with the recruited escorts. If you are young, talented, attractive and hot enough, then you can join Chennai.
  • You just need a good profile and attractive photos to show your talent online.
  • You can join as an agency escort or individual and becomes a part of the Escorts in Chennai.


The most demanded Escorts in Chennai

  • As these escorts belong to different industries each of them has their own importance.
  • Some of them are industry females that they mention in their online profile to clarify their profession. These are the most elite escorts in Chennai
  • Some of them are model escorts that are also high on demand. These are extremely attractive and give amazing services to the gentlemen.
  • Some of them are housewives that are the highest demanded escorts Chennai . As mostly the people love to spend their precious time with the housewives.
  • Some are the college call girls that are always on a peak on demand.
  • And the charges are associated differently to each category.


What makes them exceptional in all?

  • With a range of categories about these escorts, these are exceptional in qualities from other escorts.
  • These trained ladies are ever ready for meeting the prerequisite for almost every person.
  • They are outstanding and exceptional in their services from others.
  • These young ladies are having the most appealing elements of their figure as well as identity.
  • Taking from the sensible composition, fabulous eyes to the stunning bodies these all have it.
  • And they are entirely committed to the administrations and their offerings.


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Having the Best of Times with Chennai Escort


Any connoisseur of beauty cannot deny the fact that the human body is the marvelous creation of the Almighty. To appreciate this beauty one needs to live through it every moment. The best way to live beauty both spiritually and otherwise is to sleep with it.

Now, while it is an undeniable sad truth that the Indian society does not let you sleep with multiple partners, often this is what the human heart desires. That is exactly why the Chennai Escort stands out in the services offered. They provide you the most desirable services without you having to hide yourself to shame from the Indian society.

How Chennai Escort sort you out

  • First and foremost, the utter privacy that is being offered to you ensures that you do not have to hide your face from the society.
  • For someone who is frustrated with problems (which may range from marital problems to property feud to career problems), this service provides the best possible stress relief.
  • Chennai Escort ensures that all the clientsgive due attention, irrespective of if it is the first time for them or if they have visited the service multiple times in the past. That is why beautiful and sexy ladies are handpicked for this purpose. Hence, one can be sure that he will be allotted only a beautiful lady to spend the night with.


Experiencing the pleasure of Chennai Escort

  • Different men have different needs. The beautiful women offered by Chennai Escort are specifically trained to deal with all types of needs. Thus, irrespective of whether you need someone to talk to or it is someone to sleep with the beautiful damsels caters to all.
  • Some people prefer traditional beauties while there are others who are drawn to the fair skin. The wide range of services offered by the Chennai Escort ensures that whatever be your choice, you are not left without experiencing the pleasure.

Cherishing moments

  • It is a well-accepted fact that nothing else will provide as much as that of sex. The Chennai Escort ensures that the best sexual pleasure is given to you.
  • It will be a remarkable experience, one that you will cherish all your life.
  • By de-stressing yourself here you will be able to take on the challenges of life much better. This, in turn, will ensure that you perform your career and familial duties with better zeal and enthusiasm.

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