People can be very judgmental when it comes to escorts.Because of the nature of their work, there are numerous terrible stereotypical beliefs about them.

In reality, escorts lead better lives than most of the normal population. All the rumors and modern lore are mainly spun to deter young impressionable people from getting into the escort business.

In this article, we will explore various facts about escorts that you never knew. At the end of it all, it is likely that your perception about them and the kind of life they have chosen will have changed.

The escort business is challenging. Many people believe that escorts got into the business because they were too lazy to get a “real job”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Escorts run their careers as you would any other business. They are very busy professionals who have appointments to make and keep, do money management, ensure the identities of their clients stay discreet, and keep their family life completely separate from their work life. For those who work as part-time escorts, they have to do all the above tasks all the while holding down a 9-5 job.

Escorts are healthy. A common misconception is that escorts a brimming with diseases because of the constant exposure to different people. It is likely that any given escort could be healthier than the typical person. This is because they are constantly keeping up with their appearance and health.

They are emotionally balanced people. Escorting is just a job like any other. The assumption that escorts picked that particular career because arethey emotionally and/or psychologically broken is a lie. They are perfectly balanced people who chose to be escorts.

Escorts  in Chennai are not nymphomaniacs. It is assumed that escorts picked their line of work because they are sex addicts or are into some freaky sexual fetishes. This is untrue. Their sexual urges do not differ from yours. Theirs is just a job like yours.


They are promiscuous. The fact that they have sex for money gives people the impression that they are promiscuous. This is false. If anything, the fact that they have sex all the time makes them less likely to cheat on their partners. This point hinges on the fact that escorts keep their professional lives and work lives separate.

Ultimately, if you examine an escort’s life, you will be surprised to find out that their standard and quality of life is much better. They earn more money which affords them better things, they set their own hours which makes it easy to connect with family, and they depend on their looks which urges them to keep their image fresh and healthy.

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