Beauty and appeal may be the initial attraction for a client, advertising yourself competently as an escort brings clients closer to you. But then keeping them and maintaining a continued relationship is a different case altogether.

Sustaining or retaining the clients is of utmost importance to keep your business going according to Carey, a female escort in Chennai, an escort must always be essentially beautiful although it’s not enough in this field.  An escort needs the right personality to comprehend and understand their client. To retain clients you need to establish better connections with them. Here are some pointers.

Why would a client hire an escort?

 There are several underlying factors as to why a client would hire the services of an escort especially men. The reasons vary from unsatisfied conjugal life, stress, extremely loneliness, and looking for some emotional support and meaningful companionship. Keeping this in mind, says Moesha, an independent escort in Chennai, will go a long way in fulfilling your clients both physically and emotionally.


Emotions are the basis of every client connection, although too much attachment is bad for you as an escort. Knowing the reasons behind client hiring an escort will make the relationship better. The perception is usually one dimensional concluded by thinking that a client is looking for sex but that is not entirely true according to Jane, a female Chennai escort. Learn to connect to the client emotionally-not fall in love-but be present in more ways than just physically.

Know your limits and strengths

Be a Client Oriented escort and make the client’s satisfaction a primary concern. Have in mind that only by understanding the lengths you can go, will you shape things according to the client’s will and choice. Every step taken should be to fulfill the client’s needs and desire.


Indulge deeper into their fantasy and fetishes and know the reasons behind his need for an intimate and comfortable adult companionship. This will certainly aid you to serve and connect better, bring out the “you care feeling” says Britney a female escort in Mumbai Escorts, which is very essential.

 First time impressions

Being transparent on the first date helps in establishing a better connection with your clients, Professional conduct and being courteous is very important. For an escort to offer better services, says Phoebe, an escort in Chennai, the connections with clients should be physically and emotionally healthy.


Men like professional attitude in women, is often regarded as high quality which shows just how dedicated and serious you are about your work. Professionalism in escort business is hard due to the misconceptions. But treating the clients meeting in professional manner especially with the high end clients with see you grow and maintain better connections.

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