Sex is a good thing and can be very satisfying if properly practiced. However, once in a while, it becomes boring and tiresome and especially if the partners are not creative enough. This is especially common with married couples or people who have been in a relationship for a long time.

For that reason, it is advisable for both parties to always be on the lookout to come up with great ideas to help keep their beds hot all the time. Some people go for a threesome, others choose to watch porn videos and so on. However, for a few people and especially the young generation who wants to explore the world of sex, they choose to go for group sex.

Although group sex is fun and satisfying, it also has its own disadvantages. Below are some of the most common risks of engaging in group sex.

It exposes you to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

According to Andriya an independent Chennai escort, many people who engage themselves in group sex have a tendency of having unprotected sex. For that reason, they are more exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV than any other person.

Depending on the club one is dealing with, there are rules for many people engaging in group sex. One of the rules is not using protection to make it easier for the others to caress the whole of you. Although many claims to be healthy, it would be very hard to tell if a person is HIV positive or not. Therefore, many people get into these clubs without a clear understanding of the kind of risk they are getting themselves into.

You might get hurt in the process

The highest percentage of people who engage themselves in group sex deal with people they have never met before. The fact that group sex is considered a taboo in many communities make it very difficult for friends to come together to form a sex club. On the other hand, the people practicing the act are too ashamed and therefore, want to forget it immediately. This is also the main reason behind popularity of female escorts in Chennai.

In the process of having fun, someone might decide to force you to engage in types of sex that you’ve never thought of before. The most common occurrence is people forced to practice anal sex against their will. This is usually common if you are the only new member in the group.


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